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SAP Business One solution is an easy-to-use business and operational solution for merging and dynamic businesses ranging in size from two to several hundred employees. The solution is simple yet powerful, allowing an immediate and complete view of both business operations and customers' activities.

SAP Business One is affordable, so customer can achieve a rapid return on your investment. It is also simple to use, giving all your users a consistent, intuitive environment that they can learn quickly and use effectively. And it is powerful, enable you to manage your business today and strive to new levels of success.

With SAP Business One, customer can achieve a new level of control and increase the profitability of your business. Your employees can get the information they need, when and how they need. You can easily customize the solution to meet your changing requirements.


Learn how Compass Business Solutions Limited can leverage SAP Business One to help you automate, integrate and manage your business from end to end.

Business One Spotlight: Overview video
Take a peak at SAP Business One to see how this one application can help you manage your entire business.

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Business One OnDemand Animated Video

Business One OnDemand Animated Video

How can you realize the benefits of integrated business management software without the time, cost, or resources required to implement an on-premise solution? Look to the cloud. With the SAP Business One OnDemand solution, you can get the essential business software your small business needs for a per-user subscription fee via SAP partners.


Business One OnDemand Animated Video

SAP Business One Mobile Application for iPhone

Find out how the SAP Business One mobile application for iPhone can help you and your sales teams stay connected and informed at all times. Key features let you gain access to your most relevant business and customer information so you can be more productive and effective on the go.


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Business One OnDemand Animated Video

Think SAP is too big? Think again. (2 min video)

Do you believe your company is too small for SAP solutions? Think again! Seventy-seven percent of SAP customers are small and mid-sized businesses – just like yours. Watch this video to see why nearly 80,000 businesses across 25 industries use SAP solutions to drive results and improve their operations. Learn how using the right tools can help you run your business more effectively.


Business One OnDemand Animated Video

Think SAP is too complex? Think again. (2 min video)

Learn how solutions from SAP can help you manage your business effectively and realize the benefits of enterprise-class software faster. Watch this video to see how straightforward SAP solutions are—and why more than 80,000 companies like yours are using it to gain a competitive edge. Fast to deploy and quick to value, SAP is the right choice for small and mid-sized businesses.